Friday, September 21, 2007

Baboon befriends the unlikely

I recently saw a segment on the news that made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes. It also made me think about social psychology and my blog two topic “Attachment”. So the story was about a baboon in a zoo that was fed live chickens for his meals. However this particular baboon was so desperate for company that he adopted his dinner (the chicken) as his “friend”… the baboon cares for his little chicken pal and grooms him, plays with him, and cradles him. I wondered whether this baboon made the choice to sacrifice his meal for a companion? Was he willing to choose to become a vegetarian in return for a buddy? Either way, it was highly heart warming to watch. So I have added the youtube link so you can have a watch (although the footage is not as good as the one broadcast on the news).



Michelle said...

Hi Clare, that was a great story! I have seen several stories similiar to this one of orphaned baby animals reared by other animals. The union looks so different compared to what we're use to seeing. However, it works for whatever reason. I would probably have done the same thing and clung to anything for attachment if I was couped up in a cage isolated like that. I look forward to reading more of your research.

Mike said...

Hey clare, interesting post. Very unusual scene! You would think a baboons hunger would be a higher priority than its need for friends. Maybe this ones a very social baboon!

Josie said...

Hi Clare
I also saw the story and loved it, I have been telling everybody about it. In terms of social psychology or psychology in general i think that it shows that no theory can explain behaviour or any other topic for that matter with 100% certainty. There are always exceptions (which this baboon showed us) that will continue to challange how we think about the world.

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