Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quiz- Attachment Styles

Hi everyone,
I have begun some research on my blog two topic “Attachment Theory” and came across a questionnaire designed to measure your attachment style. The survey was based on the Fraley, Walter, & Brennan. (2000) questionnaire and I found it very interesting! So I have added the link and I invite you all to give it a go (if your interested) and feel free to comment on your results and whether you think they were accurate or not. So heres a bit of information on attachments styles so we're all on the same page...
Anxiety and avoidance are believed to be the two fundamental ways in which people are different from each other in their attachment styles. Being high in anxiety means one worries a lot about whether their partners really love them and they fear rejection. Those high in avoidance are not very comfortable depending on others or opening up to other people. The way anxiety and avoidance apply to the four proposed attachment styles:

Secure attachment style: is low in anxiety and low in avoidance in relationships.
Fearful Avoidant attachment style: is high in anxiety and avoidance.
Dismissing attachment style: is high in avoidance low in anxiety.
Preoccupied attachment style: is low in avoidance high in anxiety.

So if you have a spare few minutes and want to find out your attachment style give the quiz a go- no pressure obviously to disclose your attachment style! I had also added a poll at the bottom of my blog page so feel free to add your result (if you feel comfortable doing so).


(This interactive survey takes about 5 minutes to complete. The questionnaire is designed to measure your "attachment style"--the way you relate to others in the context of intimate relationships. When completed, the site will reveal your attachment style, and provide a brief summary of what is known about your attachment style on the basis of contemporary scientific research.)



ZPeel said...

Hi Clare,
Attachment seems like a great topic to research. That quiz is really good even though I thought the book question was a bit strange ha-ha. Anyway I got secure attachment and I must say that doesn't really surprise me when I look at the relationships within my life. Also when I look at people I know I can see approximately where they would fit based on how I think they would answer. I have added my result to your poll and I look forward to seeing other people's results.


Josie said...

Hi Clare
I just did the quiz and i got the secure attachment type. I was thinking when I was doing this how it would have been interesting to do this quiz 3 years ago and see how different my results were. I think that 3 years ago I was not ready for a relationship so I would have probably have been avoidant. I know generally lots of research explores the possibility of childhood attachment reflecting adult attachment, but what do think about this? I think that attachment styles can change throughout life.

Michelle said...

Hi Clare, I also got the secure attachment style result from the quiz. I will add my details to the poll. The attachment-related avoidance score was 1.17 and the attachment-related anxiety score was 1.00. I agree with Josie that it would be interesting to conduct research perhaps a longitudinal study to assess the attachment styles throughout the lifespan. I also thought the book question was a bit odd lol.

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