Sunday, August 5, 2007

Online world..

Hi everyone,
I must say I was apprehensive to read the latest blog posted by “willing participant” due to its length! However I began reading it and found that I couldn’t stop myself from finishing it. I have to completely agree with you WP, there is an online world or society out there, which comprises of rules and regulations that one must follow if one wishes to be accepted as a valued member (not unlike the real world!). I often find myself trying to explain my online assignments (for example this blogging idea) to my Grandma, only to be reminded that- she just doesn’t get it… I often tell my Mum the latest gossip about friends I haven’t seen in years and she replies… “Oh did you run into her?? How lovely” and I always disappoint her when I reply “Nah Mum, we were chatting on myspace”. So I guess the online generation has a massive advantage in the way of communication and socialising. We can chat and share stories with our friends on the other side of the world, or that we don’t have the time to catch up with, or even chat with people we have never met before. But this advantage can also act as a disadvantage. People can get comfortable conversing only online, and may not have the opportunities to develop their interpersonal skills in the real world. Not to mention the dangers involved in sharing personal details with strangers. Although I agree with the idea raised by willing participant, that the generations before ours can be uninformed about the online world, I don’t think they are to blame. The online world is a daunting and challenging one. Like a child being taught in the real world, we too must become accustom to the ways in which the online world works. This process can’t be easy for those people or generations who have no experience with the internet. I think communication between the online generation and the offline generation about the implications of the online world could really help in reducing the incongruence on the issue... any other thoughts?


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